A Baltimore-based professional, Nick Meeker is not your average photographer. Nick covers a wide spectrum of photography, ranging from weddings to action sports. At his core, Nick is an artist. He was raised around the arts—his mother a potter and grandmother a painter. Starting out drawing and painting, Nick fell in love with the creative process then went on to study Graphic Design in college. Nick started taking pictures to bring texture into his graphic work. Before he knew it he realized photography was his true passion. In 2007 Nick switched over to it full time. It's a language used to see into each other's lives, one frame at a time. Knowing the value that a photograph can have in just one person’s life, Nick takes pride in his photography, while showing his creativity. Nick’s passion both behind the lens and in the editing stages does not go unnoticed. Now in his seventh year as a professional, Nick is more open-minded than ever. Helping customers get what they want is the idea behind it all. Things like price take a back seat to everything else.  Feel free to contact him to find out more.